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This product is a sponsor product that anyone can buy untill the limited amount is sold! Therefore it is limited in time to purchase any of these products displayed on our portal. TaqpaT will not disclose the time remaining, but we will display the information on our website and app.  The amount are bought will be shown as Reward Points! Until we stop selling the T's and reach the limited amount. The amount of points are mentioned in each product description and will be added to your points which can be found on "My Account Overview" ! Purchasing one of our plans, the amount of points will increased with a "factor X" by TaqpaT. We appreciate and reward your confidence in our company, choose one of the plans here ! The amount of Reward Points you have will be will be transformed into a new online currency called "T". The price of each T will be directly correlated with the "global worth" of TaqpaT at the moment that we "go live". After the launch of "T",... More