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TaqpaT Vendor Platform

TaqpaT created much more than a independent online marketplace. Independent vendors can sell their products through our and their own "single" storefront. Our marketplace can have an unlimited number of vendors, just like on eBay and every market vendor has his own mini-store with the search, filters, categories, and the vendor’s personal online storefront. Vendors only pay a small commission from their sales and subscription to one of our vendor pricing plans with a fees.

Here are some of the Key Features:


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Separate Vendor Panel

Each vendor is provided a separate admin panel. It will allow vendors to manage their own settings and products or services. Vendor panels include just what vendors need and are allowed to modify in our marketplace. Vendors will not interfere with each other.

In Vendor / merchants can:

  • Manage their orders, products, filters, options, and features
  • Add vendor administrators with different access levels to the admin panel
  • Add different informational pages, polls, forms, and links
  • View vendor account balance
  • Set shipping methods and taxes
  • Choose currency and language
  • Import or export products and orders


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A separate Mini Store for Every Vendor

Vendors can promote their online mall. In our Vendor eCommerce software, sellers can have a micro store right inside our marketplace. The micro store URL contains the vendor company name. Vendors can share it to attract customers to your marketplace. It can be promoted as a separate store per se.

Micro stores contain:

  • vendor company description
  • logo
  • products
  • product filter for vendor items

It takes vendors a couple of minutes to adjust their mini store.


promotions for vendors

Promotions for Vendors

We give our vendors more opportunities to boost their sales. Vendors can create their own catalog and cart promotions—offer free shipping, discounts, free products, coupon codes, and access to VIP user groups.

This feature greatly helps boost vendors’ sales and attract more customers to their virtual shopping center.


separate checkout by vendors

Separate Сheckout by Vendors

At checkout, customers can place orders from different vendors separately. For example, a customer can pay for a product from vendor #1 now and pay later for a product from vendor #2.

Plus, vendors can create their own payment methods and allow customers to use them at checkout. In this case, the whole payment goes straight to the vendor. This is another feature to give more freedom and flexibility to our vendors.


multi language vendor

26 Built-In Translations

Attract customers from different countries as you are not bound by language limitations. Multi-Vendor includes 26 translations out of the box. It is not a machine-based but a community-driven translation made by native speakers. Language variables are translated for all sections: storefront, admin, and vendor panels.


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Real-time and Manual Shipping Calculations

Make the life of all your customers easier. Vendors can use 8 world-famous shipping methods for real-time shipping calculations. No need to search for add-ons or make an integration. This is the default Vendorfunctionality. Apart from real-time shipping calculations, vendors can set their own manual shipping methods. The system is quite flexible: shipping charges can depend on the customer’s location, total order cost, weight, and even the number of items in the order.


customer to vendor communication

Customer-to-Vendor Communication

Enable your customers, to send messages to you as a vendor and your franchise partners. Connect your customers with them so that the latter could answer the customer’s questions about a product or service.

With the Customer-to-Vendor Communication function, customers can send a message to vendors right from the product page. It makes products more attractive for buying and helps to convert visitors into paying customers.


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Comments and Reviews

Bring your sales to a new level with user-generated content. Reviews are crucial for any business that cares about its reputation. Customer reviews help vendors get fair credit and earn good image in customers’ opinion. Reviews influence vendors’ and thus your income directly.

Our Vendor platform offers the feedback and review system with an interactive star rating. Customers can comment and rate vendors, products, categories, and orders. Paid-for positive reviews are useless as customers want to see honest opinions about sellers and their products. With this in mind, we made it so that comments and reviews in our platform are moderated by the store administrator, not only the vendors.


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Vendor Account Balance, Sales Reports & Statistics

We give our vendors an integrated and advanced analytics tool. With our Vendor shopping cart software, you and your "sellers" can view detailed statistics on their sales in our marketplace. Like the store administrator, sellers can view graphical or tabular charts.

Besides, vendors can view their account balance to track all payouts and commissions taken by the store administrator. Sellers can also review the income and expenditure statistics: total and per period.


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Vendor Locations

We use sophisticated location software to allocate your locations, so that you receive more orders from local customers. The Vendor Locations function allows you to display a map with all the vendors in the chosen location, enable product filtering by distance from the customer’s location, show nearby vendors on the marketplace homepage, and more.

The Vendor Locations function allows customers to support local vendors, receive orders sooner, and easily find nearest vendors.


Vendor Locations

Design Editor For Vendors

Our vendors can create a unique design for their micro-stores. Vendors’ micro-stores don’t have to look exactly the same. We enable our vendors to modify colors, fonts, backgrounds, and the layout of their micro-stores.

What if our marketplace is in black and white and one of our vendors sells party products? That color scheme doesn’t look like a good fit for party products. By using the built-in design and layout editor, the vendor can easily configure a color scheme and the style of their storefront.



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